Tips to help your Windows Computer run faster

If you’re using a Windows machine,

it seems that over time the operating system slows down. There are various reasons why some of these need to be addressed. If you follow some basic principles, your computer can run much faster than it is now.

The first is obvious but important. Make sure you stay up to date on scanning malware and virus on the system. Nothing is slowing down a computer or internet connection than having a computer full of malicious software.

This will prevent most of your slow-motion problems if you keep the software up to date.

Another thing you need to be aware of is the systems that use the most resources. Enable Control + Alt + Delete to get to your task manager. Click on the Processes tab and edit the settings in Mem Usage. What he does is to show you which programs use the most memory. Sometimes there are applications you don’t even use that take your RAM. You can close those. Sometimes there are unknown people who are slowly taking down your RAM and that means

using a virus and malware scan in safe mode can be a good idea if possible.

Windows computers can sometimes have errors in the system too. Using tools like registry scans or other tools to deal with ActiveX, DLL, and other issues can help your system. There is little debate as to how much these tools help the centralized system but are useful.

An advanced user who runs a Windows machine for more than.

a few hours a day may want to install the entire operating system from time to time. It takes a couple of hours to do this and reinstall your software, but it can help later as there is additional speed from the new Windows installation.

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