MiniTool Power Data Recovery FREE

This multi-award winning software can recover all types of files from hard drives, external drives, memory cards, and more. It’s far and away from the last word data recovery software we’ve found and we’re impressed with its simple use and the way quickly you’ll easily scan your computer for precious lost data files.

If you’re worried about a few data recovery scans which will overwrite your original data, you don’t need to. because of Systweak’s Advanced Disk Recovery software, your lost or accidentally deleted files are often recovered and therefore the process won’t affect any of your original or current files.

What we love: the very fact that you simply can recover data files from CDs and DVDs. Now that’s pretty cool!

The (only!) downside? Advanced Disk Recovery is compatible with Windows, but not Mac.

That being said, Systweak has built a slew of quality products for a bunch of various devices (MAC, Android, iOS) so you’re bound to find not only data recovery software but a bunch of useful apps that you simply can go for free!

Try Advanced Disk Recovery software with a FREE download and obtain an overlook of this impressive software to ascertain first hand for yourself why this product is completely one among the best!

 MiniTool Power Data Recovery FREE – Disk Drill’s Alternative

The free version of Power Data Recovery 8.6 by MiniTool Power Recovery comes in at #4 on this list of 5 free file recovery software. Install, scan, and recover any lost file, FAST, and with no fuss during installation advice and straightforward, searchable scans.

Unlike basically every other entry on this list, you’ll have your data back in your hands in 3 easy steps. Select the situation, scan it, and choose the things you would like to revive and it instantly saves them during a safe place. The scans are extremely fast and therefore the results are easy to read.

The free version limits you to only 1GB of recovered data, though.

Honorable Mentions

There are many other great data recovery programs to undelete those important files. We’d be remiss if we didn’t give them a shout out!

Recuva – Recover Anything From Anywhere

Recuva 5 free data recovery software. Need to get something off of a memory card, a USB stick, or maybe your iPod (if you continue to have one)?

It’s the super flexible, ultra-deep scanning, do-it-all recovery tool which will recover anything from anywhere. The detailed interface is straightforward to use because of the recovery wizard. The deep scan takes you deep beneath the waves, trawling the depths of your lost data ocean and exposing you to rare and exotic species of knowledge you had no idea existed.

If you don’t want to be whisked away. To the present fanciful world of imagination. You’ll limit the search to seek out something more specific. There’s a reason geeks love this tool—it’s the be all end beat recovery options.

We don’t recommend it for newbies and be prepared to urge YouTube-like ads every 3 minutes. Better ads then extortionist pricing, so it makes this list of 5 free file recovery software.

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

We couldn’t have an inventory of software that undeletes files. If we didn’t mention a program called UndeleteMyFiles. This is often actually one among the truth FREE programs on the list.

It looks like it’s from 2004, but it’s tons of cool features like:

Snapshot: Take a “snapshot” of your drive and retrieve files at your leisure.

Secure file deletion: Delete files forever so nobody can recover them.

Email recovery: Did you delete that email string with Grandma’s extreme political opinions? Time to bring back the horror!

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