Know what to use your computer for and how this information can help you speed up your PC

One of the things that happens to many Windows.

users is that their computers eventually slow down over time. Much of this is included in virus problems, malware problems, and registry errors. There are plans to deal with each of those. One problem caused by the user itself is not knowing which programs run on their computer all the time.

To find out which programs are currently open and running, the easiest way is to hit Control + Alt + Delete. Press these and hold all three down at the same time until you see the dialog box coming up. In that box click “Processes”. This brings up a list of programs and programs you are currently working on.

Before doing anything make sure that you are.

not shutting down something that is necessary to keep Windows running properly. If you close something, you will need to restart to fix the problem.

Sort the programs by the use of their ram to determine which hooks are the fastest computer speed on your machine. You may notice that there are many apps in your active RAM that you are not currently using. Some common Microsoft Office applications are running in the background or an iTunes update. You can end these processes to

release some RAM because you don’t need these things to work all the time.

Another important reason to look to see what’s running is because there are viruses and malware appearing here. You can see them open and active while using your computer. Many have dreamed of not showing up on this list but some still do. Sometimes this can also be done by checking your bandwidth to see if these systems are sending or receiving information.

Once you understand what is going on with your machine, you will be able to keep it very simple and help it run smoothly.

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