I Love Windows, But I Have an iPhone

I Love Windows, But I Have an iPhone

There, I said it, and I feel better at this point.

I am a Windows fellow. I generally have been. I have attempted to get in on the Mac fever, yet every time I utilize a Mac I simply end up missing the highlights and route of Windows. Hell, I will even take an interest in the fanboy Windows/Mac fire wars out there for the sake of Microsoft.

Be that as it may, with regards to the universe of cell phones, Apple is above all else. In the wake of attempting various Windows Mobile telephones and continually winding up disappointed with the accidents, inconvenient interface, and all-around lethargy, I purchased an iPhone. I’m sorry Bill, I sold out.

Possessing an iPhone be that as it may,

Has been a fantasy. Try not to misunderstand me, it despite everything disappoints me how Apple’s shut stage cuts me off from doing basic things like replicating a mp3 record to my telephone and playing it back, yet it’s justified, despite all the trouble. The telephone is smart, reacting nearly to my contemplations before I can even make an interpretation of them to a development in my finger. The screen is excellent, and the OS genuinely feels like it was intended for a cell phone, as opposed to intended to attempt to put a PC on a telephone like Windows Mobile does. Also, I’ll let it out, I love application shopping. I download applications constantly. Free applications, paid applications, any sort of application I want to play around with, and kid are there a ton of them.

My solitary significant issue with the telephone is being compelled to utilize iTunes, since I’ve never tried to stay aware of my id3 labeling and, far and away more terrible, since getting another PC I can now not move any new substance to my telephone without erasing everything as of now on there, which means I’ll need to totally modify my library on my new PC first.

In any case, that is a little cost to pay given that I go through hours on this thing when I’m all over town. I’ll never again be exhausted in a specialist’s office, or on the transport, or anyplace that I have my telephone with me.

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