Computer Forensics, Security Consulting as a Career?

One day someone I know told me that he would like to start a new business in the computer forensics business,

and work on his new life. Is that reasonable? Well, the truth is it does, and just because everything goes into the cloud, however predictable doesn’t mean that people who try to hide something can never store things there. After all, they could easily be searched by the authorities, or some NSA search algorithm would find you.


those who use computers to help them break the law can keep the information close to the vest on encrypted CD ROMS, hard-working drivers, thumb drivers, and more – like Osama bin Laden’s type. And then there’s another aspect in the forensics computer business, which is finding lost data for businesses. So, I explained to him that I agree that computer forensics, and consulting are a good business to be in this smart idea.

In fact, I have a friend who owned a computer consulting business,

and they did very well, but had issues when it came to finding the wrong partner, and they both had different ideas on how to run a business, so they split the two, hardware / computer repair and consulting / networks. Just be careful when picking partners, it was her advice. I would say that advice would definitely go with the field of computer forensics.

Also, speaking of computer forensics,

I’m sure I used him a few years ago, when my drive crashed, and I lost 4 eBooks I worked on, which as a corpse I didn’t support. That was bad. And that year I had my own MS scanning system, and when I reworked I lost a ton more, more import ideas, ideas, and completed articles that I had in mind. People really need computer forensics, as well as data restoration, and Corporations need to keep track of how hackers provide data security.

I would say that there is a ton of work to be done + potential contracts with law enforcement and I can say.

Well you have become a really profitable business? Indeed, perhaps someone I know is quite intelligent in his desire to start such a business, maybe that is a smart industry to get into, and with the right communication, it should be a very good business. Well, all right now, something to think about. If you have any other questions or comments in the computer forensics industry please shoot me an email.

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