15 Ethical Hacking Tools You Can’t Miss

Automated tools now rule the Internet; you’ll find a couple of to form your social networks grow, others to answer emails automatically, and even bots to assist your online customers. Of course, hacking has evolved too: nowadays you’ll find tons of automated OSINT Tools that will help anyone as well as with the security research and intel reconnaissance during as well as a way that just wasn’t possible twenty years ago.

15 Ethical Hacking Tools You Can’t-Miss

  1. John the Ripper
  2. Metasploit
  3. Nmap
  4. Wireshark
  5. OpenVAS
  6. IronWASP
  7. Nikto
  8. SQLMap
  9. SQLNinja
  10. Wapiti
  11. Maltego
  12. AirCrack-ng
  13. Reaver
  14. Ettercap
  15. Canvas


In past decades, ethical hacking and penetration testing were performed by only a couple of security experts. Now almost anyone can report security incidents. Ethical hacking tools as well as allow you to scan, search and find the issues and vulnerabilities within any company to assist make their systems and applications safer (as seen within the recent Top CVE’s exploited within the wild post published a couple of weeks ago).

Today we’ll explore the simplest ethical hacking tools employed as well as by modern security researchers.

Ethical Hacking Tools You Can’t-Miss

We’ve compiled a number of the foremost popular penetration testing as well as tools to assist you thru the primary steps of a security investigation. You’ll find a number as well as of the classic tools that appear to possess been around forever and a few new tools which may not be familiar.


John the Ripper

John the Ripper is one of the foremost popular password crackers of all time. It’s also one of the simplest security tools available to check password strength in your OS, or for auditing one remotely.

This password cracker is in a position to auto-detect the sort of encryption utilized in almost any password and can change its password test algorithm accordingly, making it one among the foremost intelligent password cracking tools ever.

This ethical hacking tool uses brute force technology as well as to decipher passwords and algorithms such as:

DES, MD5, Blowfish

Kerberos AFS

Hash LM (Lan Manager), the system utilized as well as in Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003

MD4, LDAP, MySQL (using third-party modules)

Another bonus is that JTR is open-source as well as multi-platform as well as fully available for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android.

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Metasploit is an open-source cyber-security project that permits infosec professionals to use different penetration testing tools to get remote software vulnerabilities. It also functions as an exploit module development platform.

One of the foremost famous results of this project is that the Metasploit Framework, written in Ruby, which enables you to develop as well as test and execute exploits easily. The framework includes a group of security tools which will be used to:

Evade detection systems

Run security vulnerability scans

Execute remote attacks

Enumerate as well as networks and hosts

Metasploit offers three different versions of its software:

Pro: ideal for penetration testing and IT security teams.

Community: employed by small companies and infosec students.

Framework: the simplest for app developers as well as security researchers.

Supported platforms include:

Mac OS X




Nmap (Network Mapper) may be a free open source security tool employed by infosec professionals to manage and audit network and OS security for both local and remote hosts.

Despite being one among the oldest security tools alive (launched in 1997), it continues to be actively updated and receives new improvements per annum.

It’s also considered one among the foremost effective network mappers around, known for being fast and for consistently delivering thorough results with any security investigation.

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